Systematic Theology Week 4

And here are this week’s notes: Notes for week 4

During this lesson, I passed around a leaf from an original printing of the Geneva Bible.  Here are scans of the front and back of that leaf, a potion of Paul’s letter to the Romans.  It’s demonstrative of the earliest English printed Bible to use both chapter and verse divisions.

Geneva Bible Romans page 1

Geneva Bible Romans page 2






The Sovereignty Series (with notes)

One of the most popular teaching series on our website is The Sovereignty Series.

The original 7-part series was taught at GCA back in March-May, 2004. It was a direct result of a succession of personal struggles and painful life-events.  God’s sovereignty was the only place I found comfort and it remains an essential building block of the over-arching theology of Biblical Christianity.  God is in full control of His creation and that truth is the source of great assurance.

So anyway, eight years went by and I was invited to teach on the topic of God’s sovereignty at the 2012 Sovereign Grace Bible Conference in Mesquite, TX.  I was to teach for five nights, so I broke the subject down into five components:

  1. The first section was devoted to establishing the concept of God’s sovereign rule. It was essentially a summary of the original series, proving that the Bible repeatedly declares God’s absolute authority over all things, all events, and all creatures.
  2. The second section was devoted to answering a common objection to the teaching of God’s absolute authority; to wit, if God is in complete control and has determined everything from the beginning, why do we pray?  It’s called Sovereignty and Prayer.
  3. The third section was also in response to an objection.  The critic of God’s sovereignty wrongly asserts that the teaching of predestination undermines genuine evangelism.  So, this section is entitled Sovereignty and Evangelism.
  4. The fourth section deals with the question, “If God is in complete control, and if He’s a good God, then why is there so much suffering in the world?”  It’s called Sovereignty and Suffering.
  5. And finally, if it’s true that God is utterly in control, then that implies that it’s up to Him to determine who is saved and who is ultimately judged.  That idea obviously flies in the face of man’s supposed free will, so it’s a hotly-contested bit of theology. But, we faced it head-on in Sovereignty and Salvation.

Both the GCA version of the series and the five-night presentation in Texas are available in mp3 form on our archive site (just click the link above that says, “The Sovereignty Series“).  The first night in Mesquite was not recorded, but the remaining four nights are available via that link — and like everything on our site, it’s free.

But, the reason for this particular blog post is that, as folk find and listen to that series, they hear me referencing the notes that were handed out at the conference and they email me asking for a copy.  And the answer is yes, you are welcome to a free pdf of my notes.  They are not available on our website, but you can download them right here:

The Sovereignty Series – 2012 Sovereign Grace Bible Conference Notes

And thanks for the interest, the inquiries, and the ongoing support of the ministry and teaching of GCA.


Homecoming Weekend Audio/Video

The various bits and pieces of media from Homecoming Weekend aren’t assembled in one place on our site (the audio is in the Miscellaneous Folder on the archive site — just click the “Listen” link from the Home Page to get to the archives), so I thought I’d post it all here for easy reference.

Saturday was GCA Deacon Day and two of our deacons, Tom Tharp and Alex Franzone delivered the messages.  Both audio and video are available of both those messages.  The primary difference between the audio and video presentations is that the audio contains special music and congregational singing that the video does not.

Here is Tom Tharp’s message:

And here is Alex’s message:

Sunday morning, March 31, we celebrated our annual Communion Service.  The audio from that service is available here:

I’m very proud of the GCA Deacons. Not only are they my fellow yoke-men in the work of the gospel, they are my friends.  And, without their support and commitment to GCA, I simply couldn’t do what I do.

All in all, Homecoming Weekend 2013 was a wonderful time of singing, fellowship, prayer, worship, preaching, eating, hugging, and lifting one another up in the Lord.  I’m grateful to have been a part of it.  🙂