Systematic Theology Week 16 (and additional videos)

Rather than embed the video here, I’ll just provide the link.  But, this week’s installment in our Systematic Theology series is available via YouTube.  This week we touched on God’s righteousness before discussing His invisibility and knowledge.  You can watch here:

ST16 – The Attributes of Righteousness, Invisibility, and Knowledge

And the notes are available as a pdf here: ST16 notes.

Meanwhile, I’ve also posted two videos from earlier this year.  I presented two lectures called “The Word on the Word” at the Embracing the Truth Bible Conference in Gladeville, TN.  The video quality is lower-resolution than I prefer, but I hope the content of the presentations overcomes the video fuzziness.  Here are the two messages:

The Word on the Word, Part 1

The Word on the Word, Part 2





Thunder, Lightening, and Sovereignty

This week we braved the elements as we continued our series on Systematic Theology.  And we addressed one of my favorite topics, the attribute of sovereignty.  No doctrine of God brings more comfort or assurance to the believer, yet no doctrine is as hated and rejected by the “worldlings” (to quote Spurgeon).

Here are this week’s notes.


Systematic Theology Weeks 12 & 13 — Immutability, Simplicity, Eternity, and Omnipresence

The trip to Mesquite really messed with my schedule.  But now I’m playing catch-up.  So, here are the videos and (more importantly) the notes from the last two segments of the Systematic Theology Series.

The notes for ST weeks 12 & 13 are here.



Audio and Notes From Mesquite 2013 Conference

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of teaching at the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference in Mesquite, TX.  The conference was hosted by Saints Chapel, where Gregg Wren is the pastor.  It was a very enjoyable week.  And, since I promised to come home with audio, the teaching portions of the conference are now posted on the GCA website.  You can link directly to them here:

2013 SGBC Mesquite Messages

Both my series and the daytime sessions by David Morris are posted in that folder.  We were both addressing the topics of prophecy and eschatology.  David’s emphasis was on the relationship between Israel and the church, whereas mine was on the kingdom and Revelation 20.  Our messages and approach dovetailed into each other quite nicely … you know, almost like there was a sovereign hand of providence at work.

Also, here are PDF files of the handouts I made available in Mesquite.  And, for those who are curious, I’ve also posted my notes — all of them.  You can follow along and see how often I depended on them and how often I went rabbit-chasing.  I hope they’re some help.

1 – Introduction to Prophecy handout

2 – Bible Interpretation and Terminology handout

3 – Kingdom Concepts handout

4 – Revelation 20 handout

5 – My notes for the week

All of the audio from the conference — messages, preaching, teaching, and music — will be posted at the main conference website: