Embracing the Truth Conference 2016

Conference season is starting early this year.  In fact, the first Sovereign Grace Bible Conference of 2016 is convening next week.  If you’re in the area, make sure and stop in!  You’ll be blessed by the fellowship, preaching, teaching, and food.  Did I mention the food?

Thanks to Elders Kennedy and Pickett from New Christian Life Church in Lebanon, TN. and Elder Spickard and his team at Hamilton Chapel Church in Gladeville for their faithfulness and leadership in this annual event.

Here is a pdf of the poster announcing the conference: ETT Conference

And here is the schedule: ETT Schedule



A quick apology

Hi there.

The last few months my “blog maintenance” has been a tad sketchy — owing to my frequent trips to Tuscaloosa to care for my mom, which often left me scrambling to keep up with my other duties when I was home.  Along the way, several folk have written comments to various articles and posts.  I really enjoy the feedback!  But, I have to actively “approve” comments in order for them to show up on the blog.  And they stacked up, unapproved, until today.

I usually get an email when a new comment arrives.  Since updating the blog to the latest version of WordPress software, those emails haven’t shown up.  I’m going to try and fix that.

But, just know that I appreciate the comments and feedback.  It’s very encouraging and always good to know that people are reading and taking advantage of the notes and downloads available here.

So, keep those comments coming … and please accept my apology for letting some of them languish.