A partial recording from the 2012 SGBC

This past summer I had the good fortune of preaching at the 2012 Sovereign Grace Bible Conference in Chattanooga.  You can read more about the conference, see video, and listen to past message via this website:


Unfortunately, due to a bit of digital corruption, the first fifteen minutes or so of the message were lost.  And the balance of it suffered from some rather severe audio limitations.  But, digital recording being what it is, I was able to add some EQ, compression, noise suppression, etc. and make it somewhat listenable.  So here is the last 3/4 of that message, which obviously just jumps in midway.  I was talking about Eternal Security and had discussed how my Arminian upbringing never allowed for any real sense of peace.  It was in that context that I brought up the book “I’m Okay, You’re Okay.”

By the way, I am in the final stages of editing our latest YouTube video, which is on the topic of Eternal Security and is drawn from my notes and prep work on this message.

Elder McClarty – 2012 SGBC partial recording



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