The Doctrines of Grace from SGBC Mesquite

The Mesquite meeting of the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference occurred in late June, 2014.    Audio from that meeting is hitting the Internet, bit by bit, and the whole conference will be posted on the main conference site:

But, in the meantime, here’s audio from the five nights of teaching on The Doctrines of Grace, following the TULIP acrostic.

Lesson 1 (Introduction and Total Depravity)

Lesson 2 (Total Depravity to Unconditional Election)

Lesson 3 (Unconditional Election to Limited Atonement)

Lesson 4 (Limited Atonement to Irresistible Grace)

Lesson 5 (Irresistible Grace to Perseverance of the Saints)

These audio files are hosted on the GCA Archive site. Here is a direct link to the Doctrines of Grace folder on the site.  Just scroll down to the bottom of the page:



The 5th Annual Sovereign Grace Bible Conference in Mesquite, TX.

It’s conference time again.  I always enjoy the opportunities to travel and speak at these gatherings.  The fellowship is always sweet and the preaching and teaching is consistently solid and biblical.  In a matter of mere weeks I’ll be making my way down to Texas again.  If you’re in the area, come say hello.  The folk at Saint’s Chapel will great you warmly.

Here’s the flyer and itinerary for the week.

Conference flyer.pdf

Conference Schedule.pdf


A new, old video from West Virginia

Back in April of 2012, I had the very great pleasure of preaching and visiting with the saints of Sovereign Grace Chapel in Beckley, West Virginia.  Although I came back with audio of all three messages (Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning), I only had one video.  But I just discovered this evening that SGChapel posted another video just a couple days ago.  So, I thought I’d share it.

And here’s the previous video I was able to post after returning from WV.

If you’re interested in hearing the audio from these three messages, you’ll find them here:

Crow, West Virginia audio messages

Just scroll down to the messages entitled: “Sovereign Grace Chapel – Crow, West Virginia – 4/27/2012 – Friday Evening” then “Saturday Evening” and “Sunday Morning.”


Conference Season is Around the Corner

It’s starting early this year.  The first Bible conference of this season — the Embracing the Truth Conference — will be occurring the second week of  March, from the 11th to the 14th.  It’s being held at Hamilton Chapel Church in Gladeville, TN.  This conference is only about four years old, but it’s one of my favorites.  The fellowship is sweet.  The preaching is excellent.  And the food is … well, let’s just say I always gain weight.  And this year, one of my favorite teacher/lecturers, Roger Skepple, will be speaking each evening.  So, come join us!  Details, lodging info, and registration forms can be found at the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference website, which you can access simply clicking here: Conference Website.

Microsoft Word - Embracing the truth itenarary 2014.doc Microsoft Word - Embracing the Truth Bible Conference Final flye


How Does a Person Come the Saving Knowledge of Christ?

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of speaking at a Pastor’s breakfast held at Peach Valley Baptist Church in Gallatin, TN.  Pastor Capers invited me and assigned the topics that I, Elder Kennedy, and Elder Spickard would address.

Fortunately, New Christian Life Church had a camera running and they posted the video to YouTube, so I’m sharing it with you.


Audio and Notes From Mesquite 2013 Conference

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of teaching at the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference in Mesquite, TX.  The conference was hosted by Saints Chapel, where Gregg Wren is the pastor.  It was a very enjoyable week.  And, since I promised to come home with audio, the teaching portions of the conference are now posted on the GCA website.  You can link directly to them here:

2013 SGBC Mesquite Messages

Both my series and the daytime sessions by David Morris are posted in that folder.  We were both addressing the topics of prophecy and eschatology.  David’s emphasis was on the relationship between Israel and the church, whereas mine was on the kingdom and Revelation 20.  Our messages and approach dovetailed into each other quite nicely … you know, almost like there was a sovereign hand of providence at work.

Also, here are PDF files of the handouts I made available in Mesquite.  And, for those who are curious, I’ve also posted my notes — all of them.  You can follow along and see how often I depended on them and how often I went rabbit-chasing.  I hope they’re some help.

1 – Introduction to Prophecy handout

2 – Bible Interpretation and Terminology handout

3 – Kingdom Concepts handout

4 – Revelation 20 handout

5 – My notes for the week

All of the audio from the conference — messages, preaching, teaching, and music — will be posted at the main conference website: