Ecclesiology Week 3 Notes — and a new video!

Well, it only took 64 weeks, but we’ve managed to wrap up our Systematic Theology Series.  Here are the notes for our final week.

Ecclesiology Week 3 Notes

And, we’ve produced a new YouTube teaching video.  This time we addressed the common misunderstanding arising from the phrase “work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”

I shot this video in my sunroom, which means there was plenty of sunlight pouring in through the blinds.  That caused my webcam to color-balance rather arbitrarily throughout the video — a fact I had not noticed until everything was put away and I was editing the raw video, adding graphics, and preparing it for processing.  At that point, it was too late to go back and restate everything.  So I let it go.

Well, once it hit YouTube, their process emphasized the problems and my skin tone ranged from pasty white to sunburn red.  It was not pleasant.  So, I used YouTube’s adjustment panel to convert the video to black and white. Fortunately, all the graphics were black and white to start with, so it didn’t change them much.  And I think the end result is at least somewhat more watchable.

But, I’ll let you decide.



Ecclesiology Notes for Weeks 1&2

Three weeks of ecclesiology will bring our Systematic Theology series to a close.  For those of you keeping up with the notes, here’s the material I used for weeks 1&2.

Ecclesiology Weeks 1&2

Audio for Systematic Theology, Week 62 – Ecclesiology Part 1

Audio for Systematic Theology, Week 63 – Ecclesiology Part 2


Angels and Demons — New Notes!

We are continuing our study of Systematic Theology and here are the notes for the last three weeks:

Angelology Part 3

Demonology Part 1

Demonology Part 2

I appreciate all the positive feedback.  These appear to be subjects that have piqued the interest of our listeners.  And that’s good.  Anytime God’s word make people sit up and pay attention, that’s a positive thing.  Thanks again.


Angelology Notes for Weeks 1&2

I guess the title tells you what to expect in this post.  🙂 Here are the notes for the first two weeks of our teaching on Angelology as we continue our Systematic Theology series Angelology Weeks 1&2 notes And if you’re looking for the audio for these two lessons, just click the players:



The Doctrine of the Trinity

As we continue our Systematic Theology series, we have moved from Christology to the topic of Pneumatology.  But, in order to progress, we needed to spend a bit of time discussing what the Bible has to say about the Triune nature of God.

Here’s the video from this week’s lesson —

And here are the notes from this week’s teaching —

The Doctrine of the Trinity notes


Christology Notes – Weeks 12 through 19

Yep. I’m really, really late getting these posted. I am without excuse. I just fell behind. But, now that we’ve wrapped up the Christology series, I wanted to make sure that all the notes were available in the hope that someone finds them helpful in their own studies.

So, here ya’ go!

Christology Weeks 12-14 notes

Christology Week 15 – Jesus Versus Myths

Christology Weeks 15-16 notes – Defending the Resurrection

Christology Weeks 17-18 – Post Resurrection Appearances and the Ascension

Christology Week 19 – The Doctrines of the Death, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension


Defending the Resurrection

For the last few weeks of our midweek Systematic Theology series we’ve been concentrating on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This fact of history changes pretty much everything.  If it’s true, then it validates the claims of Christianity.  It it’s a lie, then we are false witnesses, our faith is built on falsehoods, there is no redemption, and we will stand before God with no sacrifice, no advocate, and no hope.  So, it’s a really important subject and we’ve been taking our time looking at the evidence.

The notes for the 12 through 14 are all in a single document, since they are comprised of Bible passages that address the topic of the resurrection.  You can find those notes here:

Christology Weeks 12-14 notes

This week we began by discussing the all-too-common criticism of Christianity that was popularized in the movie Zeitgeist.  The premise of the movie is that the Biblical authors merely borrowed elements of ancient myths in order to construct the Jesus story.  You’ll find the notes for that part of our lesson here:

Jesus Versus Mythology

The balance of the night was devoted to looking at the historic evidences that drive us to the conclusion that Jesus actually did rise from the dead.  The notes I used were culled from an article that resides in the Q&A section of the GCA website.  Here’s the original article:

Proving the Resurrection

And, of course, video of these lessons are all on YouTube, in the SalvationByGraceOrg channel.  Here’s the latest video entry: