Computers, Computers, Computers

Back before “the event” (I don’t call it a stroke because it makes me sound old), I had decided it was time for a new computer.  My Mac Pro, which I dearly loved, was an early 2008 edition.  It had become a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster, with lots of upgraded and borrowed parts to keep it going.  But, alas, it was forgetting things and hitting the wall where its upgrades were concerned. So, it’s time for a new computer.

Then “the event happened” and all bets were off.

Well, I’ve pretty much recovered and the problems wth the old machine haven’t gone away.  So, with GCA’s help, I made the plunge.

I can’t afford the new Mac Pros.  So I settled on an I-Mac with lots RAM (32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3), the fastest processor available (4 GHz Intel Core i7), and a good video card (AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 M).  It arrived last Monday.

Since then, I’ve been busy transferring files, updating apps, rebuilding external drives (the old Mac Pro contained 3 of them), and generally attempting to get everything to playing nicely.

But, I also had a great monitor on the old set-up.  So, I’ve Thunderbolt-ed it to the new rig and now I have dual monitors.  Pretty sweet.

Anyway, that’s how I’ve spend my free time the last few days … buried in computers.

command central


4 thoughts on “Computers, Computers, Computers”

  1. Dear Pastor Jim,
    Glad to hear you AND your computer’s are improving. I’m wondering when you’re just gonna break down and get a monitor that displays stuff at a 1:1 ratio. Might need a larger office, though. 😂

  2. The event you mention is important and not to be dismissed. PT is a factor in recovery,do you have a bicycle? Also curling cans of Campbell’s soup has proven to be helpful. Anyhow I am glad you,re back in the saddle…RCH

    1. I have kept a rigorous schedule of PT. Walking, stretching, lifting, gripping. I had an occupational, physical, and speech therapist, plus several nurses come to my house daily. But, thanks for suggestions! And thanks for the good words.

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