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I have been investing some of my free time in a new project.  One of the anomalies of the Internet is that, while you can find just about anyone doing just about anything, my friend and pastor-to-pastors Elder Dennis J. Ward is markedly absent.  But that’s about to change.

Elder Ward eyes closed

If you Google his name, you’ll discover odds-and-ends, short video clips, an occasional sermon … just enough to whet your appetite.  After I posted a YouTube video of one of his sermons from the book of Romans, I was immediately deluged with requests for more and inquiries about where to find his preaching online.  But, alas, there was very little to be had.

So, it’s about time for that to be remedied.  In August, I received a hard drive full of WAV files.  They included Elder Ward sermons reaching all the way back to 1988, just as he was beginning his tenure as pastor of Main Street Baptist Church in Lexington, KY.  They were transferred from VHS tapes of Sunday Morning services aired over local television.

In the intervening months I have organized them and begun the process of applying digital processes to clean up the noise floor, remove hums and buzzes, de-clipping, doing a bit of editing, applying some EQ and compression, and making mp3 files. It’s slow-going.  Some of the processes are real-time.

But I am thoroughly enjoying hearing Elder at full-strength.  I can still see him dressed in his colorful robes or Puritan collars, waving his bedsheet-sized handkerchief,  cajoling, beckoning, and insisting that his listeners “keep their Bible on him”.  He teaches, preaches, sings, whispers, hollers, and refuses to be taken for granted.  “Have I got any warriors?!” He was a preacher’s preacher.  And a force of nature.

Elder Ward intense

When the first handful of messages are ready, they’ll be posted to the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference website.  We’ll create a new page just for the Elder D.J. Ward Sermon Archive.  And then it will be a matter of updating and adding new material as it’s finished and ready for listening.

But, it will be soon!  I have a dozen messages finished and ready to go.  And to give you a taste of what to expect, I thought I’d post one here and now.  This recording harkens back to August 22, 1989.  The message is titled: The Heart of Man’s Problem from Romans 7:15-18.

And if you are unfamiliar with it, drop by the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference website.  It’s full of resources, information about the conference and its various meetings, and free mp3 audio of messages and music.  Just click here —

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11 thoughts on “Elder D.J. Ward Sermon Archive”

    1. I miss Elder Ward. He helped me see Christ for Who He is. Not a perfect man but an awesome preacher! He’ll always have a special place in my heart!

  1. Knowing that “when the first handful of messages are ready, they’ll be posted to the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference website”, we are quite eager to make the “Elder D.J. Ward Sermon Archive” also available on Desert Sun (the Editor had personally witnessed Elder Ward express sorrow to his audience on a particular evening, over what he thought was a terrible sermon; confessing that he had failed to prayerfully prepare for it – Be it known, that he was not only a flamboyant preacher of extraordinary gifts, but also an exemplar of truest humility).

  2. Thank you for this recording of Elder Ward. I was blessed to have set under his ministry from September 1979- May 1983, while I was attending UT Knoxville. I have been forever blessed by his teaching and preaching. Truely he was sent and anointed by God. He is forever in my heart.

  3. I loved Elder Ward and was so blessed by the messages the Lord sent thru him. I am looking for his Roman 8:28 message, as this is what the Lord used to bless me on my worst day.

  4. Thank you ; Pastor McClarty for your Great Work!
    Elder Ward indeed was and still is the (angel of the church) He will always be in our hearts! Thanking my Lord for allowing me to have known the person.

  5. Thank you JESUS for all you have done for me! This profound word is alive today with delivering power. I was in person that day and Elder D J Ward preached the absolute truth, that message brought me out of my identity crisis. God woke me up at 12:45 am to hear this message again. God will wake you up early sometimes because we are to busy to listen during the day. Elder D J Ward was and is a awesome man of GOD!!!!

  6. I loved Elder! He loved the Mt Olivet Church family with all his heart! Can’t wait to see you again Elder!! Thank you for all these sermons, this keeps us reminded of all the truths he taught us!

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