GCA LogoI am the pastor of a terrific body of believers tucked away in the town of Smyrna, TN.  Grace Christian Assembly has been a public church since 2001 and sinners saved by grace are always welcome.


We are located at:

904 Hazelwood Dr.  Smyrna, TN. 37167

All mail should be directed to:

Grace Christian Assembly, PO Box 1707, Smyrna, TN. 37167

GCA also sponsors weekly mp3 messages via Salvation By Grace, our Internet outreach.

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You can learn more about GCA by visiting our website:

And our entire library of audio messages is available on our archive site: http://www.gcaarchive.com/index.shtml


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  1. I listen to your lectures at least 3 or 4 hours a day and always learn something. Sometimes I learn the same thing 3 or 4 times a day. There are subjects you are fervent about, grace, sovereignty, the adequacy of Jesus Christ, and our helplessness. I know these things and believe them fervently as well. I came to believe these things by study of the scriptures. It just could not be any other way, if you believe the Bible. What I don’t understand and really find baffling is how deeply entrenched so many are in the notion of free-will and the necessity of works, even when they deny, ” works salvation.” It can only be some kind of spiritual blindness due to pride or self-will. I even wonder if perhaps God has blinded them to the truth. It just does not matter what kind of scriptural proof you offer them they will find some way of wriggling away from the truth. Whether it is twisting scripture or countering with another, “out of context verse.” It must be something that only God can reveal to us. Phil

  2. So true! What amazes me is that pastors who know Greek, have lots of seminary training, degrees, etc, can ignore the facts of the Scripture about the Sovereignty of God in salvation, redemption, and sanctification! They will talk about “Grace of God” but turn right around and make a point to talk about the person making a choice, following the law, etc, and ignore, as I say, the plain text of Scripture. It seems that people cannot get out of that mindset of man being in charge, no matter what the Bible says about those subjects!
    I agree that it seems like blindness, or refusing to face the facts, that the facts are too hard to accept! Got to have that Law, legal standing, Old Testament blessings and cursings, otherwise they fear losing control of the parishoners!
    No wonder I have such a great affinity for Jim Mc’s plain teaching, true to the text, and straightforward approach to reveal the truth the text said, what it intends the author to have us know, in the context of what the situation called for. Thanks, Jim.

  3. Hi
    Do you now any church I could go to in a Canberra Australia, sorry I now it is a way out question but it is worth the email. I hope you can get back to me
    Regards Ken

    1. I’m very sorry, but I don’t know of any churches in Australia. I wish I did. I get asked questions about various churches around the world and I wish there was a database somewhere. But, at present, I just don’t have any suggestions for you. But hey — if you find one, let me know!

  4. Greetings Pastor McMClarity,
    My Granddaughter’s have been befriended by the McInterff Family. I was really impressed with your expository history of the Book Of Philippians, God has gifted you with such a great way of clarifying
    and interacting the various Epistles to bring clarity to the Body of Christ in His Word.
    Be Blessed,
    Jim & Nancy Trasport
    Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    Matthew 6:33

    1. Thank you very kindly. I appreciate the good words. I would say that your granddaughters have found a fine family with which to associate themselves. And I’m glad you enjoyed the teaching. Grace and peace, Jim Mc.

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