Megan, So Far … well, at least as far as 2007

Back in 2007, as Megan was graduating high school (after tolerating 5 years of her dad’s home schooling efforts),  I was learning how to make videos.  This was one of my early attempts.  Originally it was posted to YouTube, but after several months they erased the audio track due to their sweeping copyright infringement settlement.  And, without the music, the video isn’t as effective.

Well anyway, I recently found that video file again.  And the latest version of WordPress — which I like very much, thank you — features an embedded video player.   Yippee!  Not only will this allow me to add occasional VLOG posts to my blog, it lets me dig into the archive and share some of my favorite moments from the past.

So, with that, here’s the video I made for my daughter’s graduation.  It’s just Megan, So Far…


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