More Elder Ward is on the way …

It was a fine, fine day at GCA today.  We sang, we worshiped, we prayed, we studied together and then we ate sandwiches and had a church-wide meeting to talk about our plans for the future as we reflected on how He has brought us this far.  I love the saints of GCA and I cannot tell you how happy they make this old preacher’s heart.

So, on another subject — after getting the first 12 Elder Ward mp3’s finished and uploaded to the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference website, I encountered an ill-timed hard drive crash.  I could tell it was coming, so I began making sure everything was backed up.  But, before I could get all of Elder’s WAV files transfered, the drive shut down completely.  The cost of recovering the files was exorbitant, so I called Virgil in Lexington, he sent me the original files again, and I began the time-consuming process of renaming and refiling everything in chronological order.  And now I’ve begun where I left off, cleaning up files, and listening to recordings from the early late 1980’s to early 1990’s, when Elder was at full strength and Main Street Baptist Church was the hub of the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference.

It’ll be a couple weeks until the next ten messages get posted, but here’s something to whet your appetite.  As close as I can tell, this message was preached in preparation of ordaining some men and there were local pastors in the congregation.  And that was enough to get Elder to spell out the gospel of grace plainly, simply, forcefully, and quite enjoyably.  So, click away and listen to a message from November 19, 1989.


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