Thoughts about the stroke

I have thought long and hard about whether I’d write about this or put it to video.  Video would probably be easier, but I need the practice typing.  Typing is a chore these days.  But, my right hand is making great strides and I want to keep challenging it.

Here’s the thing — because I had a stroke (six weeks ago now), I have been reading and attempting to educate myself.  What I’ve noticed is that most of the material written about strokes is presented from the perspective of people viewing the stroke victim.  Very little is written from the stroke victim’s perspective.  And I think I know why.

Strokes are amazingly deceptive.  The victim may not know what is wrong with them.  I kept insisting that I was fine.  Just need to sleep it off, etc.  But, I could not see me.  It took my daughter recognizing the signs (slurred speech, failing limbs, unnatural tiredness) and seeing that something was wrong, to make the call and get me to a hospital.

I think about my mother.  Granted, her strokes weren’t caused by blood pressure issues.  Hers were heart-related.  But even after losing her left side to paralysis and laying slumped over on a couch all day, she still argued with the paramedics that she did not want to be taken to the hospital (where she wound up in the ICU for several days).

And I get it.  I argued with everyone — doctors, nurses, my daughter, anyone who would listen — that I was fine and did not have a stroke.  It’s deceptive. It takes someone to intervene.

The tiredness was what most marked my early symptoms.  Yes, my right hand suddenly began typing nonsense.  It was tingling and eventually non-responsive.  But all I could think about was laying down.  It was sudden, like something broke.  I was very, very tired.  Unnaturally.

But, I thought I was going to be fine.  Just sleep.

Fortunately, my daughter intervened. She called 911.  The ambulance came.  And they hauled me off.

So, why do I tell you this?  In the hope that you’ll learn from my mistakes. I hope that I have.  But, it’s important that those who know you well recognize when something goes wrong. Time is of the essence.

I’m very fortunate.  Many things could have gone horribly wrong.  But, they didn’t.  Everyday I get something back.  My occupational therapist said good-bye for the last time yesterday.  My nurse and physical therapist said it would only be another week or so before they would discharge me.

And I’m fine.  I mean it.  I’m better.

I’m realizing that other people don’t see it like I do.  I recognize my own deficiencies. I process differently. It’s slower. How I search for words is different.  And I think people notice it.  But, my physical therapist said yesterday that, unless he was looking at a medical report, he wouldn’t believe I had a stroke just six weeks ago.

But, I know it.  I can feel it.  I am aware of it.  And I don’t want to do it again.

God is good.  Not because He has lifted me up, but because He is.  I am grateful for every little thing.  Balance, walking, talking, my right hand doing stuff … everything.  Fearfully and wonderfully made, said David.  And I believe him.

Bit by bit, I’m learning to accept my new process.  And it will get quicker with time.  Keep working.  Keep exercising.  Keep believing.

But, most of all, I’m just grateful.


Roger Skepple – The Church of Laodicea

At last week’s Embracing the Truth Conference, I shared the lecturing duties with my friend, Roger Skepple.  Elder Skepple is the pastor of Berean Bible Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.  He is also one of my favorite exegetes and Bible teachers.  For that reason, I thought I’d post his lectures here on my blog so you could hear them while the rest of the messages are being posted on the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference website.

His assigned topic was: The Church of Laodicea.  It’s well worth the time to listen.

Roger Skepple – The Church of Laodicea – Part 1

Roger Skepple – The Church of Laodicea – Part 2

Roger Skepple – The Church of Laodicea – Part 3


Jesus as Judge – audio, video, and notes

Here are the audio files and notes from this year’s Embracing the Truth Conference lecture series on the topic: Jesus as Judge.

Just a note about the audio: We were using a wireless microphone, which is normally not a problem.  But this year, for some reason, we got intermittent RF interference that made its way into the recordings.  I can sometimes remove unwanted noise from digital recordings, but this RF noise was in the same frequency spectrum as my voice, so removing it rather severely altered the voice quality.  So, I tried to bring it down a bit, but you’ll definitely hear it when it pops up. The noise comes and goes but I don’t think it hampers the audibility too terribly.

Jesus as Judge Part 1
Jesus as Judge Part 2
Jesus as Judge Part 3

Jesus as Judge – notes

All of the messages from this year’s conference are available on the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference Website.


Embracing the Truth Conference 2016

Conference season is starting early this year.  In fact, the first Sovereign Grace Bible Conference of 2016 is convening next week.  If you’re in the area, make sure and stop in!  You’ll be blessed by the fellowship, preaching, teaching, and food.  Did I mention the food?

Thanks to Elders Kennedy and Pickett from New Christian Life Church in Lebanon, TN. and Elder Spickard and his team at Hamilton Chapel Church in Gladeville for their faithfulness and leadership in this annual event.

Here is a pdf of the poster announcing the conference: ETT Conference

And here is the schedule: ETT Schedule



A quick apology

Hi there.

The last few months my “blog maintenance” has been a tad sketchy — owing to my frequent trips to Tuscaloosa to care for my mom, which often left me scrambling to keep up with my other duties when I was home.  Along the way, several folk have written comments to various articles and posts.  I really enjoy the feedback!  But, I have to actively “approve” comments in order for them to show up on the blog.  And they stacked up, unapproved, until today.

I usually get an email when a new comment arrives.  Since updating the blog to the latest version of WordPress software, those emails haven’t shown up.  I’m going to try and fix that.

But, just know that I appreciate the comments and feedback.  It’s very encouraging and always good to know that people are reading and taking advantage of the notes and downloads available here.

So, keep those comments coming … and please accept my apology for letting some of them languish.