Summer Travel

The Summer travel season is about to begin for me.  It kicks off with a trip to Texas.  The itinerary and all the necessary into can be found in the following pdf.  I do enjoy getting out and seeing the saints around the country.  And, as long as God gives me breath (and the occasional travel companion), I’ll keep doing it.

Here’s the info for the 8th Annual Sovereign Grace Conference in Texas next month:

8th Annual Sovereign Grace Bible Conference Itinerary-1


2 thoughts on “Summer Travel”

  1. Jim, I don’t know exactly when you plan to set out on this trip, but I think a small detour to Herrin, Illinois, would be a fine idea. You could just stop for lunch or dinner, you could sleep at our B&B, or you could just wave as you went by (I don’t particularly like that last option). 😉

    You would have to take 24 out of Smyrna, then hit 57 N (we are less than 10 miles from that point). Then when you leave, you would take 57 S to 55 S, then hit 40 to Little Rock, etc.

    I’m sure you have your itinerary set, but you, know, just throwing it out there. Hopefully I can make my annual birthday trip in July, around the 21st. It’s not as easy now with my Mama living with us, but I am pretty certain I can arrange it. David’s grandpa did pass away last week, hanging on much longer than anyone thought possible back in April when Nick and I got the news during our visit to GCA. Whenever we see you, I know it will be a wonderful time, full of fellowship and the true Word of God!

    Carla Hays

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