The latest GCA messages …

While I was away in Texas last week, three messages were preached at GCA.  I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to hear them, so I thought I’d assemble them here on the blog.  Let’s post them in chronological order, shall we?

First, on Sunday, June 22, our friend Elder Barney Johnson came up from Alabama to preach a very enjoyable and insightful message called “Mending Nets.”  Here’s the link:

Then, on Wednesday, June 25, GCA member Robert Stone presented a message on “Unfeigned Love.”  Good stuff, indeed. Plus, as a bonus for a Wednesday night, Robert and his wife, Jill, sang and played a song together.

And finally, Alex Franzone spoke on Sunday, June 29, presenting a message he called “The Family Secret.”  And, as always, Alex brought doctrine, insight, and humor together to preach on the sovereignty of the God of the Bible.

I’m very grateful for the capable men standing in the pulpit and boldly proclaiming the gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace.


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