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Rise and Shine

Lyrics by Randy Moomaw. Music by Jim McClarty Violin: Charlotte Young.  Vocals, production and various instruments: Jim Mc. This recording was done in 2010 utilizing the ProTools 8 multitrack platform.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Written by Helen H. Lemmel (1864-1961) Piano: Jamey Bolick. Sung by Jamey Bolick, David Thompson, Jim McClarty. This recording was done in 1992 on an Akai 1214 12-track recorder. Engineered and mixed by Jim Mc.

Follow Me

Written, recorded, played, and sung by Jim Mc. This song was written while I was still in California.  After writing several songs for 707, I was approached by a Christian publisher who encouraged me to pen some Christian music.  This song was the result of that encouragement. This recording was done later, in 1992, on an Akai 1214 12-track recorder, using a Korg drum machine, and various keyboard-triggered MIDI modules.

With a Little Love

Written, recorded, played, and sung by Jim Mc. Like Follow Me, this song was written for the publisher in California.  It was recorded in Franklin, TN. on a Fostex 16-track 1-inch reel-to-reel recorder, back in 1992.

The All and In All

Written, recorded, played, and sung by Jim Mc. This song was written and recorded in the studio at Franklin in 2002.  It was recorded on a Fostex 16-track recorder.

Ancient of Days

Written by William C. Doane (1832-1913) and J. Albert Jeffery (1855-1929) Sung by Jim Mc. on a Fostex 16 track recorder back in 1992.

Everlasting Love

Written and sung by Danny Blair Piano: Danny Blair. Bass: Tres Sasser. Guitar: Tim Rocco. Recording, mixing, drum programming, additional keys: Jim Mc. This track is from Danny Blair’s album Everlasting Love, which was recorded and released back in 1992. It was produced on an Akai 1214 12-track machine.

Christ is All

Written by: W. A. Williams.    Sung by Danny Blair Piano: Danny Blair. Guitar: Tim Rocco. Recording, mixing, drum programming, bass, additional keys: Jim Mc. This track is from Danny Blair’s album Everlasting Love, which was recorded and released back in 1992. It was produced on an Akai 1214 12-track machine.

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Written by Robert Robinson (1735-1790) and John Wyeth (1770-1958) Violins (all 16 tracks): Charlie Young. Everything else: Jim Mc. This track was started in 2010 and finished in 2012, then remixed with a different arrangement in 2014. It was recorded in Protools (8,10, &11).

The Doxology –

Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow

Sung by Jamey Bolick … all eight tracks.  Recorded and mixed in ProTools 11.

The Lord Bless You and Keep You

This benediction comes straight from the book of Numbers.  In chapter 6, verses 24 to 26, God instructed Moses to tell Aaron to bless the children of Israel with these words.  When set to music, its one of the most beautiful pieces in the hymn book.  This version is sung by the GCA digital choir: Charlie, Carol, Daniel, and Jamey.

There Is A Fountain

I recorded this on June 14, 2016.  I acquired some new software at a bargain rate (Studio One 3.2 Pro) and I wanted to record something.  I’ve always loved this song.  The lyrics are just what I want to say.   Now, when I was younger, I used to sing in a mighty full=throated fashion.  It’s tougher now, after “the event.”  But, I stretched my vocal chords (and I’m thankful for digital tuning).

Rethinking Holy, Holy, Holy

I recorded this in late 2016, over the course of months.  Here a little, there a little.  It is recorded using Studio One 3.2.  The melody came from noodling around on the piano and landing in Bb minor.  My friend, Nathan, played guitar.  Everything else is me and my toys.

This World Is Not My Home

This was finished March 31, 2017 (one year after “the event”).  I like this recording for lots of personal reasons.  Not the least of which is because it reunites old friends.  Ronnie Spann played piano, organ, bass, and sang the song.  I played the drum parts, horn parts, and sang back-up vocals.  Tom Tharp (GCA’s erstwhile deacon) played the guitar licks.  Ron, Tom and I go all the way back to California together.  We’ve known each other for longer than I can to admit … something on the order of 30 years.  So, getting together to play music was just great fun.

This was recorded at my house, using Studio One 3 (which I like more and more).  I did the engineering, mixing, and production work.  Enjoy.  Clap along.  Be happy.

Amazing Grace

This is a simple and lovely rendition of the classic song.  Janine is singing all three parts.  Jamey is playing piano.  I just turned knobs and pushed faders.  The piano was recorded originally in Garageband.  It was then transferred to Studio One 3 and finished in January of 2018.

How Beautiful

This song was written by Twila Paris.  Janine brought a track of it with her from Australia.  We recorded and mixed the vocals here, in Studio One 3, in February 2018.


13 thoughts on “Christian Songs”

  1. Thank you for this collection of beautiful music. Hymns have become part of my prayer life. Reading the hymnal I have from GCA seems to bring me a personal connection the the Christians who wrote these prayers of praise to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jim for the collection . . . and everything. I LOVE your recording of “Ancient of Days” if I knew how I’d put it on a loop 🙂

  2. Ok, I just heard the last song, and it’s better than the others. I have always enjoyed that hymn but have developed a special affinity for it in recent years as I realize just how wretched a sinner I am.

  3. Are these songs supposed to be simply a list, or should I be able to listen to them? There does not appear to be a “play” or “download” button.

    Or am I just not finding it?

    1. Hello Scott. Each song listed on this page has a flash player attached to it. Some tablets don’t support Flash. Try visiting this page via a different browser or different device and you’ll find the embedded players. Thanks for visiting the blog!

  4. I absolutely love your version of The Lord Bless You and Keep You! What a beautiful arrangement. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    God bless and keep everyone at GCA (I feel like it’s my second home church, the first being Reformed Baptist Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan where I am fortunate to be able to add my praise to The LORD with my guitar and fellow musicians)

  5. Hello. I just found your website when someone posted the John 3:16 video on a discussion forum. Great video and easy to understand teaching of the Word. I was wondering if you would allow me to download some of these songs and play them on my online radio station.
    I look forward to your reply.
    May God continue to use you as He continues to bring in His sheep.

    Jim V

    1. Hello Jim,

      Yes, you are welcome to download songs from my blog ( to play on your online radio station. The only thing I ask is that you occasionally mention (or link to) our website:
      Everything on our site is free for the taking, but we always ask that those who take advantage of the site help promote it.
      With that agreement in place, you are welcome to use whatever you’d like.

      If you have any trouble downloading the mp3’s or would like higher resolution versions, just let me know.

      Grace and peace,

      Jim Mc.

  6. Hi Pastor Jim,
    Im from the Philippines, and I just want you to know that you have a brother here who love you all so much. I am growing in my christian walk with Christ through your teachings and how I wish to be with you all. Because in our place I cant find any church that teach the pure doctrines of Grace, but thank The Lord for the internet that He made possible even once in a while for me, and that He lead me to people like you to understand Him more… But how I long to have fellowship with you or people like you the saints of God that its been more or less 3 years now since God found me, I still cant find true bible believing christians in our place. All I see everywhere here are only those “free will” edvocates whom even though i tried to explain to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they cannot truly accept it, and its sad. I hope and pray that someday I would find somebody like you, your church to be with. I guess thats all I want to share with you for. Please try to understand my english if Id deliver it badly… the brother who loves you so much, ric.

  7. This comment is in reply to Roderick’s – the Holy Spirit reminds me periodically to be thankful for being able to experience the fellowship Roderick longs for, and to never take it for granted.

  8. I just finished listening to all of the songs, just beautiful in every way!
    From the music to the vocal arrangements, the lyrics, and most importantly the genuine hearts of worship to our God, may His name be glorified throughout the earth. That violin is so moody, just superb. ❤

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