This YouTube channel is a hodgepodge of things theological, musical, and whimsical. When I first created the channel and needed a screen name, I entered SBGGCA (Salvation By Grace / Grace Christian Assembly) with the intention of using it for strictly theological purposes.  But, when we began the SalvationByGraceOrg series of teaching videos, the SBGGCA channel became more of a catch-all, allowing me a place to post a wide variety of videos.

SBGGCA on YouTube


2 thoughts on “SBGGCA”

  1. Jim, Thank you for teaching me about God. I have never been a church goer, but always felt the need to seek out what Gods plan is for me personally. Understanding the word is important to me and I just wanted to say that you have been instrumental in accomplishing that.
    Thank you and God bless.

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