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15 thoughts on “GCA

  1. Phillip Jones

    I listen to your lectures at least 3 or 4 hours a day and always learn something. Sometimes I learn the same thing 3 or 4 times a day. There are subjects you are fervent about, grace, sovereignty, the adequacy of Jesus Christ, and our helplessness. I know these things and believe them fervently as well. I came to believe these things by study of the scriptures. It just could not be any other way, if you believe the Bible. What I don’t understand and really find baffling is how deeply entrenched so many are in the notion of free-will and the necessity of works, even when they deny, ” works salvation.” It can only be some kind of spiritual blindness due to pride or self-will. I even wonder if perhaps God has blinded them to the truth. It just does not matter what kind of scriptural proof you offer them they will find some way of wriggling away from the truth. Whether it is twisting scripture or countering with another, “out of context verse.” It must be something that only God can reveal to us. Phil

  2. William Teal

    So true! What amazes me is that pastors who know Greek, have lots of seminary training, degrees, etc, can ignore the facts of the Scripture about the Sovereignty of God in salvation, redemption, and sanctification! They will talk about “Grace of God” but turn right around and make a point to talk about the person making a choice, following the law, etc, and ignore, as I say, the plain text of Scripture. It seems that people cannot get out of that mindset of man being in charge, no matter what the Bible says about those subjects!
    I agree that it seems like blindness, or refusing to face the facts, that the facts are too hard to accept! Got to have that Law, legal standing, Old Testament blessings and cursings, otherwise they fear losing control of the parishoners!
    No wonder I have such a great affinity for Jim Mc’s plain teaching, true to the text, and straightforward approach to reveal the truth the text said, what it intends the author to have us know, in the context of what the situation called for. Thanks, Jim.

      1. Brad martz

        Jim do you andron spann still produce music.i miss the great music at kings house in glendale california

        1. Jim Mc. Post author

          I am happy to say that Ron and I are still friends and that we both are still making music. And yes, sometimes we do it together, which is always fun. Check the “Christian Songs’ page on this blog site to find some of them.

    1. Sebastian

      And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. For we do not proclaim ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.…
      2 Corinthians 4:4
      (Compare this scripture to John 12:40 and Isaiah 6:10)

  3. Ken

    Do you now any church I could go to in a Canberra Australia, sorry I now it is a way out question but it is worth the email. I hope you can get back to me
    Regards Ken

    1. Jim Mc. Post author

      I’m very sorry, but I don’t know of any churches in Australia. I wish I did. I get asked questions about various churches around the world and I wish there was a database somewhere. But, at present, I just don’t have any suggestions for you. But hey — if you find one, let me know!

  4. Jim & Nancy Trasport

    Greetings Pastor McMClarity,
    My Granddaughter’s have been befriended by the McInterff Family. I was really impressed with your expository history of the Book Of Philippians, God has gifted you with such a great way of clarifying
    and interacting the various Epistles to bring clarity to the Body of Christ in His Word.
    Be Blessed,
    Jim & Nancy Trasport
    Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    Matthew 6:33

    1. Jim Mc. Post author

      Thank you very kindly. I appreciate the good words. I would say that your granddaughters have found a fine family with which to associate themselves. And I’m glad you enjoyed the teaching. Grace and peace, Jim Mc.


    What is your assembly’s denom, if any? In other words, what is the “organized spiritual umbrella” you sit under?

    I ask because my “spiritual journey” is such as these have been my travels: Born & raised in a Roman Catholic church until my mother was saved when attending a Bible study at an Episcopalian church (her and a group of women were “seeking MORE” from the Bible rather than liturgy (BTW, the pastor teaching at that Bible study was ousted from the Episcopalian denom for going against “their teachings/fundamentals” for lack of a better term!!); then we spent many years in an Assembly of God church, where my mother stayed for 30 yrs. When she got sick and became homebound, her and I listened to the Bible on cassette!! (yep, good ol’ cassette tapes……hey, I have the whole “dramatized” set, OC & NC!); I had left the AG after about 15 years in. . .my mom stayed all those other years, but she never got into the “shaking and a rattlin’ and rollin’ stuff”…..you know what I mean. She knew what she knew (revealed to her by His Holy Spirit) and she knew what the Word said. . .she was confident in her standing and never let the others in the congretation change her viewpoint/standing on those issues. I know she stayed because there was “specific ministry for and to” her son, my brother, with Down Syndrome. I believe God rewarded her for her faithfulness to him. She died 2014 and my father just this Feb (2018) and my brother still attends that same church (he is 62 y/o) and it was a blessing during both these losses in his life that there are people who have known and cared for him for almost 30 yrs!! Ok, then I meet my husband and we begin attending a “word of faith movement” congregation. Don’t ask why, how, etc. I still can’t figure that out other to say that “maybe, just maybe” God allowed me to see WHAT IS NOT! I leave it at that. In the meantime, I got divorced at this time (my husband made a choice to go back to drugs and alcohol. . .his “hippie” days). When I “woke up” and realized I had to get back to “sound doctrine,” I left the word of faith congregation and wanted to get back to the “basics” and started attending just Bible studies at a local Baptist church right across the street from where I was living. Next thing I know, I’m attending on Sunday’s. Due to a move (back home to take care of my mother, then my father and now my brother!), I attended an Open Brethren fellowship for 2 years, which, like my journey into the Baptist church, began because it was close and local. . .I couldn’t leave the household for too long. (The one thing I will give thumbs up to the Open Brethren assembly I attended, 100 or so active attendees, and there are more thumbs up!, is that the “men” are very learned in the Word of God……and not like the word of faith people who quote out of strict memorization that is usually irrelevant and ‘off point’! Also, they really take charge, and not in a demeaning way towards women. I saw love and devotion amongst families…..it was nice to experience men being the spiritual heads of their families and women tending to the needs of their husbands and children…..and I saw it in that order because I became friendly with some families and visited them in their homes. I mean you know how nice it is to attend a fellowship where there is food, etc., and after all the work the women go through cooking, setting up, etc., and then the men take care of cleaning up, and I don’t mean just tearing down folding tables, etc., I clearing the dishes, washing the pots, pans, utensils, cleaning up the kitchen. This was a assembly that was lenient with the head coverings and they didn’t force nor promote it. You did if you did and you didn’t if you didn’t. I actually felt comfortable when I did and I never felt condemned when I didn’t.) Again, due to distance and having to spend even more time at home, I started to attend a Church of Christ. It is a very small congregation. . .maybe 50-75 and that’s what I like. . .I love the “intimacies” and family-like atmosphere. I don’t fare well in the big, mega-churches. I like the fact that we share communion every week, (which we also did in the Open Brethren fellowship……matter of fact, the 1st whole 45 mins of our gathering is based around Holy Communion) and again, the “men” are the leaders. Both the Brethren and CoC assemblies put a “positive” spin on the submission of women, instead of all the “negativity” out there. The one thing I struggle with in the CoC assembly I attend is the part that they believe “water baptism ‘plays’ in salvation.”

    So sincerely yours. . .In Christ Jesus, ’til He cometh again!
    West Orange, NJ 07052

    1. Jim Mc. Post author

      Hi Cynthia. That’s quite a journey you’ve been on. GCA is technically a non-denominational congregation. We are not affiliated with any particular denomination, but we do belong to a fellowship of sovereign grace churches. We share a common theology, but we operate independently. We do have a statement of belief on our website that clarifies what we teach and believe. I hope that helps a bit.

      Grace and peace,

  6. Dave Iozzia

    Hello Jim. I picked up some 707 records on vinyl and they still sound great. Hoping we can connect regarding my collection of handsigned drumsticks that is documented at my website.


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