Christian Songs

The Doxology

Sung by Jamey Bolick … all eight tracks.  Recorded and mixed in ProTools 11 a good many years ago.

Follow Me

This song was written while I was still in California.  After writing several songs for 707, I was approached by a Christian publisher who encouraged me to pen some Christian music.  This song was the result of that encouragement. This recording was done later, in 1992, on an Akai 1214 12-track recorder, using a Korg drum machine, and various keyboard-triggered MIDI modules. It’s dated sounding, but the song still holds up, I think.

With a Little Love

Like Follow Me, this song was written for the publisher in California.  It was recorded on a Fostex 16-track 1-inch reel-to-reel recorder, back in 1992. Someday, I’d like to update it … but for now, this is the best version.

The All and In All

This song was written and recorded in 2002.  It was recorded on a Fostex 16-track recorder. A Nashville CCM publisher told me it was “too theological.” I can live with that. 🙂

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Written by Robert Robinson (1735-1790) and John Wyeth (1770-1958). Violins (all 16 tracks): Charlie Young. This track was started in 2010 and finished in 2012, then remixed with a different arrangement in 2014. It was recorded in Protools (8,10, &11).

The Lord Bless You and Keep You

This benediction comes straight from the book of Numbers.  In chapter 6, verses 24 to 26, God instructed Moses to tell Aaron to bless the children of Israel with these words.  When set to music, its one of the most beautiful pieces in the hymn book.  This version is sung by the GCA digital choir: Charlie, Carol, Daniel, and Jamey.

Rethinking Holy, Holy, Holy

I recorded this in late 2016, over the course of months.  Here a little, there a little.  It is recorded using Studio One 3.2.  The melody came from noodling around on the piano and landing in Bb minor.  My friend, Nathan, played guitar.  Everything else is me and my toys.

This World Is Not My Home

This was finished March 31, 2017. I like this recording for lots of personal reasons.  Not the least of which is because it reunites old friends. Ronnie Spann played piano, organ, bass, and sang the song.  I played the drum parts, horn parts, and sang back-up vocals.  Tom Tharp (GCA deacon) played the guitar licks.  Ron, Tom and I go all the way back to California together.  We’ve known each other for longer than I care to admit … something on the order of 35 years.  So, getting together to play music was just great fun.

This was recorded at my house, using Studio One 3 (which I like more and more).  Enjoy.  Clap along.  Be happy.

Franklin Sanctus

This song was written by Gregory D. Wilbur in 2009.  His composition was in the key of C, but we moved it down to A, slowed it down a bit, and added some additional repeats.  But, the rest is true to his arrangement, which I enjoyed very much.  You can find more of Greg Wilbur’s music on his website, just click here.

I Go To The Rock

This song was written by Dottie Rambo back in 1977. The arrangement is taken from a version of the song that I used to do at the church in Los Angeles. Dwayne Russell was kind enough to play the organ for me. Once again, this was recorded with Studio One 4.

God Is Great

This song is a new composition that I’ve been working on for several months. It’s just a chorus, so feel free to sing along. Thanks to all the folk who sang on the track and Mark for his guitar licks. Again, Studio One 4.5. Lots of plugins. And the joy of music.

Come Ye Sinners

It’s just prior to All-Hallowed’s-Eve, 2019. I have been working for the last couple months on a song I’ve always loved. Tonight, I decided to finish it. A couple harmonies and a lot of mixing later, this is as close as I’m likely to get. As always, Studio One 4.5 was my weapon of choice.

This Is My Father’s World

Here at the end of 2020, after the lockdowns, Corona scares, electoral upheavals, and churches struggling to stay open, it’s good to remember that the world really does belong to the Sovereign who is conducting and coordinating just as He pleases. I recorded this on Studio One 5. And I mixed it on Dec. 17, 2020.


This song is also the composition of Gregory D. Wilbur. His original composition was in Eb, but I moved the key up to F#m. I love the pleading nature of the song and the simplicity of the harmonies and individual parts. This track was done in Studio One 5 and finished just yesterday.

Precious Lord, Take My Hand

I have always liked this song. It was originally written by Tommy Dorsey. The lyrics differ a bit, depending on the artist who recorded it. But, I love the melody and the chord changes. It was one of the earliest songs I remember sounding out when I was learning to play the piano. Plus, in this rendition, I am once again joined my friend, Ronnie Spann. He played the organ and piano, as well as adding the BG vocals. It’s always fun to work collaboratively. This song was recorded in Studio One 5 and I finished the mix in early June of 2021.

Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

I have always liked this song, especially the lyrics. It was written by Robert Lowry and first published in 1876. The original music is very upbeat, singable, and written in a major key. So, I decided to take it in a different direction. The verse lyrics are very poignant, so I decided they needed to be in a minor key, switching to major for the choruses. I recently obtained (for free, no less!) a really nice sample of a mountain dulcimer. That seemed like the perfect place to begin. And things grew from there.

Once again, this song was recorded using Studio One 5, of which I never tire. Enjoy this new approach to an old song.

God Leads His Dear Children Along

Here’s another song from the hymn book we use at GCA. I just finished it today (Sept. 25, 2021). Years ago, I engineered a session for a trio of singers. That’s the first time I really heard this song. But, I was always struck by the lyrics. It’s a good reminder of God’s faithful provision, even in the worst of times. This song was recorded on Studio One 5.

You Gotta’ Have Faith

This song was written by Ron Spann back in the late 70’s. This update was done at the end of 2021. It’s lots of good samples and Studio One 5.

Hallelujah, What a Savior

A new arrangement of one of my favorite hymns, written by Philip Bliss and in the mid-1800’s. It was recorded in April of 2022, utilizing Studio One 5.

It Is Well With My Soul

This is one of the most beloved hymns in the history of the modern church. Hymnist Horatio Spafford penned these words after suffering a great tragedy. The words were set to music by Philip Bliss, creating a genuinely lovely song. This is my take on this classic tune.

Love Lifted Me

This is just a really solid song. With lyrics by James Rowe and melody by Howard Smith, along with some creative chord substitutions, this song proclaims the gospel message of our sinful estate and Christ’s love lifting us from our despair. It was recorded in October of 2023, on Studio One 6.

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