The 5th Annual Sovereign Grace Bible Conference in Mesquite, TX.

It’s conference time again.  I always enjoy the opportunities to travel and speak at these gatherings.  The fellowship is always sweet and the preaching and teaching is consistently solid and biblical.  In a matter of mere weeks I’ll be making my way down to Texas again.  If you’re in the area, come say hello.  The folk at Saint’s Chapel will great you warmly.

Here’s the flyer and itinerary for the week.

Conference flyer.pdf

Conference Schedule.pdf


By Grace Alone — the audio version

Every once in a while, I receive questions about offering “By Grace Alone” as an audio book.  Well, the fact is, we created an audio version of the book several years ago and have offered it as an mp3 CD on the website.

But, since we offer pretty much everything on our website for free, I thought I’d post the audio files here and make them available for anyone who wanted to stream or download them.  This is the whole book, verbatim.

By Grace Alone — Opening and Introduction

By Grace Alone — Chapter One — Total Depravity

By Grace Alone — Chapter Two — Unconditional Election

By Grace Alone — Chapter Three — Limited Atonement

By Grace Alone — Chapter Four — Irresistible Grace

By Grace Alone — Chapter Five — Perseverance of the Saints


The Doctrine of the Trinity

As we continue our Systematic Theology series, we have moved from Christology to the topic of Pneumatology.  But, in order to progress, we needed to spend a bit of time discussing what the Bible has to say about the Triune nature of God.

Here’s the video from this week’s lesson —

And here are the notes from this week’s teaching —

The Doctrine of the Trinity notes


Christology Notes – Weeks 12 through 19

Yep. I’m really, really late getting these posted. I am without excuse. I just fell behind. But, now that we’ve wrapped up the Christology series, I wanted to make sure that all the notes were available in the hope that someone finds them helpful in their own studies.

So, here ya’ go!

Christology Weeks 12-14 notes

Christology Week 15 – Jesus Versus Myths

Christology Weeks 15-16 notes – Defending the Resurrection

Christology Weeks 17-18 – Post Resurrection Appearances and the Ascension

Christology Week 19 – The Doctrines of the Death, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension