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These light afflictions

This past Sunday, Elder Gregg Wren preached at GCA. Sadly, we had a problem with the lavalier microphone that usually is the direct feed for our recordings. However, we did have a room mic in place and it recorded Greg’s message. The recording is ambient, Greg sounds a little distant, and the room noise is sometimes as loud and clear as he is. But, Greg’s message is worth hearing and worth the extra effort to listen to. He talked about why the Apostle Paul could refer to the suffering of this life as merely “light affliction.” It was encouraging, uplifting, and soaked in the gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace. So, after much audio processing to make it as listenable as possible, here is the recording of Elder Wren preaching to the congregation of GCA.

Also, for those of you who would like to hear about (and from) Elder Wren, he is the pastor of Saint’s Chapel in Mesquite, TX. You’ll find their website here:

The Saint’s Chapel

2022 Embracing The Truth Conference lectures

It was my honor and distinct pleasure to return to the ETT Conference this year. It’s certainly one of my favorite annual conferences and I’m happy that it has reconvened after taking a year off owing to Covid. Below you’ll find the two lectures I presented this year as mp3 files, as well as a YouTube link to the second lecture. My assigned topic was “The Importance of the Local Church,” a subject I was more than happy to address. Again, thanks to Elders Pickett and Spickard for the invite and for letting me stand behind their pulpit one more time.

The Importance of the Local Church – Part 1
The Importance of the Local Church – Part 2

Visions of Sugarplums

I actually started this little ditty before the holidays. Then, a virus got me. But, today my head cleared a bit and I could hear (thank God). So, I finished what I started. This is a “sketch,” or musical profile that looks to capture the joy and trepidation of Christmas Eve. It’s called “Visions of Sugarplums.”

You Gotta’ Have Faith

It was probably the late 70’s when Ron Spann penned this song. Ron and I met in Los Angeles around 1984 and played music together for a while. We are friends to this day and have recorded each other’s songs, together and separately. I’ve always enjoyed his tune “You Gotta’ Have Faith.” His original arrangement was a 12/8 shuffle, light and bouncy. I decided to make it a bit more “groove oriented” but keep the 80’s feel. So here, for your dining and dancing pleasure, is my version of my friend’s song.

Nothing But The Blood

I have always liked this song, especially the lyrics. It was written by Robert Lowry and first published in 1876. The original music is very upbeat, singable, and written in a major key. So, I decided to take it in a different direction. The verse lyrics are very poignant, so I decided they needed to be in a minor key, switching to major for the choruses. I recently obtained (for free, no less!) a really nice sample of a mountain dulcimer. That seemed like the perfect place to begin. And things grew from there.

Once again, this song was recorded using Studio One 5, of which I never tire. Enjoy this new approach to an old song.

Two New Lessons on Prayer

Owing to various health struggles, I was unable to join the Texas chapter of the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference last week. I hear they had a splendid time. I did, at Elder Wren’s request, record two audio lessons on the subject of prayer.

The following links will connect you with those lessons. The titles of the two lessons are:

“Praying to a Sovereign God”

“The Lord’s Prayer”

This is My Father’s World

I am trying to make the most of these shutdown days. One of my favorite hobbies is making music (which I suppose I’ve done all my life). Lately, I’ve finished two songs. The first is just me, playing with my samples, and trying to create an “organic” sound (despite the digital trickery). I chose one of my favorite songs, “This Is My Father’s World.”

The Texas SGBC – The Kingdom Teaching

This year Roger Skepple and I spent four nights talking about the Kingdom, both literal and spiritual. It’s always a joy to teach with someone like Roger. And once again, though we did not coordinate our notes, we ended up working together hand-in-glove. Almost like the Holy Spirit knew what He was doing. 🙂

Here are the messages:

Tuesday night: Roger Skepple – The Kingdom Pt. 1

Wednesday night: Jim McClarty – The Literal, Physical Kingdom Pt 1

Thursday night: Jim McClarty – The Literal, Physical Kingdom Pt 2

Friday night: Roger Skepple – The Kingdom and the Church

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Roger Skepple

While we’re waiting for all the audio from the recent Embracing the Truth Conference to appear online, here are three messages I’m sure you’ll enjoy. My friend, Roger Skepple, taught on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit this year. He spoke over the course of three nights. It’s good, in-depth information that is both informative and God-honoring. I have cleverly labeled them as parts one, two, and three.

Roger Skepple – The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Part One
Roger Skepple – The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Part Two
Roger Skepple – The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Part Three