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Although I’ve always liked snapping photos, I’ve only owned two cameras in my adult life and neither was particularly good.  I started using Photoshop out of necessity ten years ago when a client needed someone to create some simple graphics.  Well, in 2013 those two elements blended into my favorite new hobby.  I procured my first “real” camera — a Nikon D5200 — and started digging into the various online resources for photo retouching.  ( is my current favorite.)  I have been thoroughly enjoying digital photography and image manipulation.  Who knew pushing pixels around was so challenging and entertaining?

I have recently subscribed to 500px, a photo sharing site that is populated with photographers much better than myself.  I always enjoy the feedback and looking at how others approach the craft.

Jim’s 500px page

Then, as I began looking at the various online sites for photo sharing and feedback, I happened on ViewBug.  Although there are plenty of good sites, I settled on VB because of the community of photographers on the site and the interactive nature of their feedback and ratings.  By looking at the work of others, I’ve become more skillful and thoughtful with my own work.   You can see my ViewBug page here:

Jim’s ViewBug page

I upload new images to both pages on a semi-regular basis, so feel free to drop by whenever the urge strikes.


2 thoughts on “Photography”

  1. Hi Pastor Jim, this is the guy who emailed you a few months ago, 67 year young man, totally sold out to Jesus and the glory of the Soverign God, totally Reformed, living in Cape Town, South Africa, studied for the ministry in the 70’s in Greenville, SC (sadly in an Armenian environment), husband to my lovely Vanessa, proud father to Cathy & Josh, and grateful grandfather to Peter, Joanne & Monique, and lastly avid amateur photographer. All that to say hi again, still listening to everything you have to say but also, I want to complement you on your photography. These shots on Flickr are nothing short of superb. I have been photographing since the early eighties all around the continent of Africa and have not produced photos with such clarity, design and vividness as yours. Good job and the Lord bless your ministry as well as your photography abundantly.

  2. Dear Pastor Jim,
    My name is Denish Otuoma from Kenya Africa.After gone through your website feel much grateful and pleasure and to thank you for this wonderful materials/book,by g r ac e a l on e.
    I’m born a gain christian who love the word of God very much.At the sometime I have a heart desire of reaching people with the word of God.
    Pastor I have request to put at your desk.Can I be allowed to download this book (BY GRACE A LONE ) and print it so that I might distribute to people here in Kenya free of charge?
    I promise that I will abide by any rules that might be required of me in Jesus name.I will not add or subtract any wording in it.
    I will like to used the little I have towards this in Jesus name.
    Looking forward to here from you in Jesus name.
    God bless you
    Yours sincere brother in Christ brother Denish.

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