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New Footwear For the Boys in India

This morning when you got dressed, did you think to thank God for your shoes?  Probably not.  We’re used to having adequate footwear, in various fashions, for all occasions: sports, casual wear, walking, formal dress, etc. But, when you have nothing on your feet, the gift of even the most casual form of footwear is cause for celebration and gratefulness.

The boys in India recently endured an outbreak of chicken pox. They were in need for some medicine to soothe the fevers and itching.  Bobby said the local villagers had been engaging in various rituals to their idols in the hope of staunching the outbreak. But, he assured the boys of God’s faithfulness.  So they prayed and waited on the Lord.

We normally send funds at the top of each month.  But, the need for medicine and other necessities occurred at the same moment that some of our listeners sent special gifts for the boys in India.  Providence works.

These most recent photos are wonderful.  Not only are the boys enjoying new sandals and a meal, their faces are full of joy despite enduring sickness and the sort of lack most of us have never encountered.  I like these guys … a lot.

One thought on “New Footwear For the Boys in India

  1. Frances Geary

    Dear Jim, thank you so much for sharing Bobby’s photos of the boys. Million Dollar Smiles – I like them a lot, too! oxo Frances


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