2 thoughts on “Demonology Notes for Weeks 3-5

  1. Betty Pineo

    Dear Pastor Jim,
    My husband Smith downloaded ‘Demonology’ from your Systemic Theology series. Thank you, I benefitted a lot from it, because of your insights.
    I’ve a question, you said, Christians can’t be touched or persecuted by the evil Spirit because we’ve the protection from God and Jesus. But what if a family member who is not a Christian, like a little baby is effected by the evil Spirit? My grand daughter age, 1 year
    Judging from, the perpetual illness of one form or another, temper tantrums after moving to this new address.
    What measure can be taken? I prayed over her a lot. I know, you warned many a time not to take-on these evil spirits as they may be ancient, thousand of years old and are of evil powerful.
    Thank you again, Pastor Jim. God bless you for your good works.
    Love n prayers,
    Betty & Smith

    1. Jim Mc. Post author

      Hello Betty and Smith. I think we need to be careful about leaping to the conclusion that childhood behavior is the result of demonic influence. Remember that Jesus did not only drive out devils, he also healed people of their diseases. In other words, sickness is not the same as demonic oppression. And I would say that, in my experience, sickness is much more common than demonic activity. We get sick because of our sinful estate. That’s true of everyone, which is why everyone dies. But not everyone is directly effected by a devil. And children often get sick as their young systems learn how to ward off disease. And temper tantrums are typical of children that age. That’s why phrases like “the terrible twos” exist. So, I would advise that you keep an eye on her. Pray to our Father, who protects and heals, that He would keep His hand of blessing and protection on her. And observe her as she grows to see if her symptoms are part of a larger disorder, like autism or a breakdown of her immune system.

      Grace and peace,

      Jim Mc.


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