New Clothes for the Boys

We’ve continued supporting the boys’ home in India and today I received a picture I thought I’d share.  It’s a joyous photo of some happy young guys.  This is what your money does when you share some of it with the boys in India.  As always, every penny contributed for this cause goes directly to them.  We don’t take out handling fees or administrative costs.  Your contribution provides the essentials — food, clothing, shelter — and the young man heading up this home accounts for every penny, a demonstration of good Christian stewardship.  And we’re always happy to support such a valuable cause.

With the picture, Bobby wrote:

Today i have sent all the Receipts and Voucher’s for the month of  April & May. The kids have got some Clothes now, and they love the Clothes so much.

Brother, we are trying to do the Kids learning program’s for this month! And this is just a program where we can teach the Poor kids of the Slums … Teaching them the Good News and providing the food for the whole day. We did these before, and praying to continue to do for this year also. Please kindly pray and help if Lord allows. We will try to remain some money out from what is sent the other week.

Please also kindly know that the school will be reopened for the Kids in the 10th of June, and they will have the need of Books and School bag’s need stuff.

Thank you so much

Yours in His service

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