Politics and Christianity

Through the years, as a public preacher, I have avoided commenting on politics.  Still, I am asked occasionally about my stance on our current political machinations.  It would be easy to buy into the daily soap opera that is world politics. But, world politics are the antithesis of Christian doctrine.  For instance — 

Our King is not up for election.  It’s just the opposite. He elects us.  

Christianity is not a democracy.  The mob doesn’t rule.  Instead, the Sovereign rules the mob.

Christianity does not determine truth based on popular opinion.  The only opinion that matters is God’s. Our job is to align ourselves with His revelation of Himself. 

Every tyrant and every benevolent leader who ever wielded power in human history died.  Our King ever lives to make intercession for us. 

I was talking to one of the young girls who play piano for us and in our five minute conversation she used the terms “intersectionality,” “genderism,” and “critical race theory.”  Those terms didn’t exist a couple years ago.  That’s how quickly political speech changes.  Theories of governance change. Leaders change.

Our Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I take the long view of history and Christianity.  Christianity began when Rome dominated most of the known world. Despite Rome’s persecution and attempts to stamp it out, Christianity prevailed.  Despite two thousand years of authoritarianism, dictators, despots, tyrants, oppressive governments, Communism, and atheism, Christianity prevails.  

So it has, so it will.  Since the faith of Christianity does not emanate from this world, this world cannot prevent it nor stop it. Christians are in this world, but not of this world. Our hope is in the future. 

Our current political environment is a passing situation.  A blip in time. I have lived through enough presidents to know that, whatever the current situation, God will protect His own. 

So, should Christians engage in politics?  Sure.  But, that’s not the primary reason we are here.  Should we vote?  Should we be good citizens?  Sure.  As emissaries of Christ in the world, we are to be examples and advocates for Godly wisdom and behavior.  And, to whatever degree we can sway political outcomes toward more Godly outcomes, we should certainly do it.

But, this world is not our home.  Don’t get tied down to the earth.  It is still “the domain of darkness” and we see demonstrations of that fact every day.  One day, the righteousness of God will cover the earth like the waters of the seas.  That’s not up for a vote.  That’s the promise of the Almighty, who has said it and He will do it.

So, why don’t I engage in politics?  Because it already pervades every area of life.  I am more interested in telling people — all people, from any side of the political spectrum — about the unchanging, dependable, eternal word of God.  

No matter how much political acumen you may accrue in this world, the inevitability of death looms large.  And eternity is a long time. So, concentrate on eternal things because the kingdom to come is right around the corner and that King deserves our attention.

And worship. 

And adoration.  

And thanksgiving. 

3 thoughts on “Politics and Christianity

  1. Barry Miller

    However, I do believe that whether it be people or parties, they should be examined biblically.
    An example is when John MacArthur taught on the wrongs of homosexually and abortion using Romans 1:18-32; showing that is exactly the platform of the current Democratic party!
    With that knowledge, one can vote with a clean and biblical conscience; knowing that a vote for them is giving tacit approval of that party’s platform.
    Therefore, please continue to educate us in the word of God, but also help us to live our lives by deciphering this evil age we live in.

  2. Tina Marie

    Teacher, are we suppose to follow and vote the Republican way because of pro-life and take the rest of the mess along with it. I see so many Christians following the political party without blinking an eye mainly because of pro-life. I’m absolutely pro-life but seems they are taking one nice red apple and along with a big basket of rotten ones. I have never voted blue and what little I do know the political stand is no better. I can not know all that each political party stands for, but I have and can see the candidates character. That is what I have to base my vote on. The one who seems for us and our welfare. Your article is spot on and I thank you for it. No matter God is always in control and America has turned their back on Him and I’m only guessing that this is judgment and purging. I am not far enough in your teaching to know what to think of the sick world only it makes heaven sweeter.
    Reply if you feel you can.


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