Systematic Theology Week 16 (and additional videos)

Rather than embed the video here, I’ll just provide the link.  But, this week’s installment in our Systematic Theology series is available via YouTube.  This week we touched on God’s righteousness before discussing His invisibility and knowledge.  You can watch here:

ST16 – The Attributes of Righteousness, Invisibility, and Knowledge

And the notes are available as a pdf here: ST16 notes.

Meanwhile, I’ve also posted two videos from earlier this year.  I presented two lectures called “The Word on the Word” at the Embracing the Truth Bible Conference in Gladeville, TN.  The video quality is lower-resolution than I prefer, but I hope the content of the presentations overcomes the video fuzziness.  Here are the two messages:

The Word on the Word, Part 1

The Word on the Word, Part 2




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