Elder Ward’s Ordination Note

I was in my bedroom clicking away on my MacBook Pro, my back to my daughter, as she perused the various volumes on my bookshelf.  After a moment, I heard her lightly sobbing.  I turned to find her holding a small book that harkened back to my ordination in 2000.

Ordination Book I asked, “What are you reading?”

She sniffled, “Elder Ward.”

“Oh, you found his note in my book?”  She nodded and read the last two sentences out loud.  Then we were both teary eyed.

Elder loved my daughter.  I remember once, as we entered his office, how he rose from his chair and approached me with wide open arms.  At the last moment, he ducked me and hugged my daughter.

He laughed as I said, “I get it.  Given a choice between her and me, I’d pick her every time.”

Megan and Elder Ward

I hadn’t read Elder’s words in years.  I realized that I hadn’t read them since his home-going in 2007.  So that made his private words to me all the more precious.  And now I am sharing them with you.

(The text of his note is written out after the image.)



Elder Ward Ordination Note

Elder’s note says:

Dear Jim,

Beloved of God and dearly loved by me. I will pray for you all the days of my life. Preach, teach, love — love, teach, preach and when you have done that, do it more. I need not tell you, but contend for “the faith.”

Count “IT” all as joy.  He who is for you is more than all the world against you. Be a Preacher, be assured God will be God.

Buy the truth and sell it not. I pray our paths will cross in this world many time(s). Never forget, you have a brother in Lexington, Ky. If when you hear I have closed my eyes in death, know one left praying for you.  It will be my joy to see you around the throne of God when all the saints get home.

Waiting Until He Comes,

DJ Ward


It’s good to have friends like that.

And I miss him every day.