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  1. Marcus

    Pastor Jim you have truly been a blessing, my wife and I Love your grace centered teachings. You actually remind us of Mr. Chuck Missler, especially as it relates to eschatology.
    I understand this question May seem a little challenging or even a little off but please bare with me. In the context of prophecy, what would the eschatological time look like if we discovered that the Jews haven’t actually returned to Israel Yet? Lets say the actual Jews where the Orthodox Jews who are fighting Zionism or The Jews for Jesus who believe in Christ, and they are actually waiting for the Messiah to return and lead them back to their land. In what way would this shift affect what we think we know or believe about Prophecy? And where would that place us according to the book of revelation?

    Thanks in advance, Marcus

    1. Jim Mc. Post author

      Hello Marcus. Thanks very much for the kind words. I suppose if I’m being compared to Chuck, I’m in pretty good company. 🙂

      As concerning your question, I don’t think much would actually change in the eschatological timeline, considering that all twelve tribes need to be accounted for in order to establish the future kingdom. So, even if the Jews currently residing in Israel were indeed the first inhabitants of the kingdom, they are not the complete people group who are required in order to fulfill prophecy. In other words, the ingathering that must take place, which is repeatedly prophesied in the Bible, will include all the necessary elements and tribes to establish the rule of Christ on earth. So, the longterm plan and timeline wouldn’t change at all. Make sense?

      Thanks for writing.


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