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These four videos started as a series of lectures for the 2022 Sovereign Grace Bible Conference in Mesquite, Texas. This teaching follows the “seed” from Adam to Christ, through God’s unconditional covenant to Abraham. A fuller understanding of how that promise was divided between the tribes of Israel affects our overall understanding, not only of the Bible, but of world history.

I will take you about 3 1/2 hours to get through all four lectures, but I hope it’s a worthwhile journey.

A new video … Fact

Well, I’m back home from Texas, which I believe is the last thing I blogged about. Oh my, was I sick. Came home early and I’m glad I did. Meanwhile, I also know it’s been a while since I’ve made any new videos. Video is time consuming. But, I fired up the webcam and posted this short comment.

Theology Shorts

I am always looking for ways to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ. I started making YouTube videos 11 years ago. As the online video landscape has grown, and knowing that in this day of “cancel culture” it’s probably a good idea to have back-ups, I’ve also created channels on Lbry/Odysee:

SalvationByGraceOrg (

And on Rumble:

PastorJimMc (

Lately, YouTube has been promoting “short” videos, sixty seconds or less, apparently to compete with sites like TikTok. So, in my continual desire to experiment with various formats and ways to grab people’s attention, I made a handful of “short” videos in the hope that algorithms-that-be might catch on to them. Here they are (so far) —-

2022 Embracing The Truth Conference lectures

It was my honor and distinct pleasure to return to the ETT Conference this year. It’s certainly one of my favorite annual conferences and I’m happy that it has reconvened after taking a year off owing to Covid. Below you’ll find the two lectures I presented this year as mp3 files, as well as a YouTube link to the second lecture. My assigned topic was “The Importance of the Local Church,” a subject I was more than happy to address. Again, thanks to Elders Pickett and Spickard for the invite and for letting me stand behind their pulpit one more time.

The Importance of the Local Church – Part 1
The Importance of the Local Church – Part 2