One thought on “But, I Don’t Feel Saved

  1. Julie Hall

    I thank God that you are a preacher who teaches wusdom and understanding of the bible.I have listened to many prechers in my life that are sovereign grace,Baptist ,and I fill like God has blessed our family with you to teach us the. Meaning of the bible.You can be saved for lots of years and still not understand a big portion of the bible.It is a hard book to understand,even when we are saved.My dad was a preacher before he died and I was saved about 35 years ago under his preaching but I cant find one preacher who can do as good of a jib as you.There a few things that you believe that I dont ,like one is,A woman should keep silent in a church or when having church,but every preacher on the earth is off in a few things about the bible for sure.We will understand it all by and by.Anyways you are doing a great job and we thank God for you.


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