Joshua and the Regathering of Israel

The latest YouTube video. I was asked recently if our church is “still obsessed with Israel.” The answer is yes … but only because the Bible is so obsessed with Israel.

2 thoughts on “Joshua and the Regathering of Israel

  1. Miles Willard

    I’m in agreement with what you have said in the video about Joshua 21:45 but I’m puzzled about Israel. We’re they not carried off by to Syria and assimilated into that culture and wasn’t it Judah only that was permitted to return from the Babylonian captivity? So what I’m asking is it true that only one tribe was preserved and the rest have disappeared through intermarriage? Are these promises for just Judah? Or do the promised extend to anyone who has even the remotest blood line that can be traced to Israel? It’s just confusing to me.

    1. Jim Mc. Post author

      Hello Miles. What you’ve said is historically accurate. The northern 10 tribes (the house of Israel/Ephraim) were carried away into the Assyrian captivity and have not returned to their promised land since. However, the prophets all write about a future ingathering that will include all twelve tribes. God is going to find those that He has scattered. I guess the question I would ask is, “Is anything too difficult for God?” His hand is not shortened so that He cannot save. The same way that He found us, He can find them. He knows His people, despite time, intermarriage, and scattering. So no, the promises are not just for Judah. The promises are for the whole house of Israel and house of Judah (Jer. 31).


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