For the last several years I have attended and lectured at the Texas meeting of the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference. But, this year I was prevented from traveling, due to some ongoing (and very annoying) back troubles. Nevertheless, Elder Gregg Wren from The Saint’s Chapel in Mesquite, TX asked if I would record and submit teaching for this year’s conference, which I was happy to do. This year, he left it up to the lecturers to choose their own topic. Over the years, I have touched on various aspects of “tracing the seed” here at GCA. But here, for the first time, I was able to set it out in a more organized systematic way. I have titled this teaching “Seedology,” after a suggestion from David Morris. It’s in four parts. The first three sections lay out the Old Testament evidence and the fourth segment pulls it all together.

Once again, I’m so very grateful for the friendship and encouragement I have received from the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference through these many years. And here, for your dining and dancing pleasure, is Seedology —-

Seedology, Part 1
Seedology, Part 2
Seedology, Part 3
Seedology, Part 4

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