One thought on “Systematic Theology Week Three – Exploring the Evidence

  1. Matthew Saunders

    I love the videos but you need to do more research on free will. Yes, of course God is sovereign and of course He has control of each and every thing. Yet, prophecy is based on foreknowledge, not the chance that something is going to happen. Using your example, God knew that King Cyrus’s name would be “Cyrus” years before he was born. He knew his name would be Cyrus before the earth was created. It is through that foreknowledge of God that Isaiah was able to accurately prophecy the events. God is not bound down by human time because time was created for humans, not for God to abide by. God is all knowing. He IS in the past, He WILL BE in the present, and He HAS BEEN in the future. That is just who God is. Therefore, yes, Cyrus’s parents could have named him a different name but the prophecy would have still come true because it would have used the name that his parents gave him. His parents had the free will to name him whatever they wanted. God still KNEW all the details and the prophecy, in a sense, was based on what God was looking down a viewing both at that time (the time of Cyrus’s birth) and the past (the time of Cyrus’s birth.) He portrayed it through Isaiah in the future (the time of Cyrus’s birth) using his wisdom and experience of what He has already seen. God is not bound by our timeline.


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