The Last of the Summer Preaching Trips

Well, Autumn is nearly upon us.  And this week I’ll be headed north for the last of the Summer preaching trips.  It’s been a busy season.  I decided this year not to say no to any offers to come preach.  And that decision has taken me from Dallas to Long Island, and points in between.  Thank you to the pastors and churches that have allowed me to stand in their pulpits and proclaim God’s word.

This weekend I’ll be teaching at Riverside Bible Church in Columbus, Ohio for their fall retreat. This is the second year I’ll be with them.  Last year was completely enjoyable, so I’m certainly looking forward to being among the saints in Columbus once again.  Micah will be joining me (visiting his former home church).

The schedule looks like this:

Breakfast at 8:30. The first session is from 9:30 to 10:30.  The second session is from 11:00 to 12:00. Then lunch and the final session from 12:45 to whenever.  It’s a lot of talking.  I plan on teaching the evidence for why we believe the Bible and the proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

If you’re in the region and have a Saturday morning to spare, come say hello! You’ll be mighty glad you did.  The folk at Riverside are most welcoming and accommodating.

4 thoughts on “The Last of the Summer Preaching Trips

  1. Nathan Murton

    So looking forward to hosting you again, Brother Jim!

    It is so wonderful to fellowship around God’s Word and offering Him our praise for everything that He is and does!


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