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2022 Embracing The Truth Conference lectures

It was my honor and distinct pleasure to return to the ETT Conference this year. It’s certainly one of my favorite annual conferences and I’m happy that it has reconvened after taking a year off owing to Covid. Below you’ll find the two lectures I presented this year as mp3 files, as well as a YouTube link to the second lecture. My assigned topic was “The Importance of the Local Church,” a subject I was more than happy to address. Again, thanks to Elders Pickett and Spickard for the invite and for letting me stand behind their pulpit one more time.

The Importance of the Local Church – Part 1
The Importance of the Local Church – Part 2

Two New Lessons on Prayer

Owing to various health struggles, I was unable to join the Texas chapter of the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference last week. I hear they had a splendid time. I did, at Elder Wren’s request, record two audio lessons on the subject of prayer.

The following links will connect you with those lessons. The titles of the two lessons are:

“Praying to a Sovereign God”

“The Lord’s Prayer”

The Texas SGBC – The Kingdom Teaching

This year Roger Skepple and I spent four nights talking about the Kingdom, both literal and spiritual. It’s always a joy to teach with someone like Roger. And once again, though we did not coordinate our notes, we ended up working together hand-in-glove. Almost like the Holy Spirit knew what He was doing. 🙂

Here are the messages:

Tuesday night: Roger Skepple – The Kingdom Pt. 1

Wednesday night: Jim McClarty – The Literal, Physical Kingdom Pt 1

Thursday night: Jim McClarty – The Literal, Physical Kingdom Pt 2

Friday night: Roger Skepple – The Kingdom and the Church

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Roger Skepple

While we’re waiting for all the audio from the recent Embracing the Truth Conference to appear online, here are three messages I’m sure you’ll enjoy. My friend, Roger Skepple, taught on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit this year. He spoke over the course of three nights. It’s good, in-depth information that is both informative and God-honoring. I have cleverly labeled them as parts one, two, and three.

Roger Skepple – The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Part One
Roger Skepple – The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Part Two
Roger Skepple – The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Part Three

2019 Embracing the Truth Conference Messages

Well, the 2019 meeting of the Embracing the Truth Conference is behind us. It was a truly enjoyable time. Plenty of good teaching and preaching, tasty food, and lots of fine fellowship. This particular post includes my two lecture sessions (on the Rapture of the Church and the Great Tribulation), as well as my notes. In the weeks ahead, all of the audio from the conference will be available on the conference website and I’ll post a link when it is.

Many thanks again to Elders Pickett, Spickard, and Kennedy for their leadership and tireless efforts to make this annual conference a reality.

Jesus Saves!

Back in September of 2008, I received the following mp3.  I listened to it.  I liked it.  But, it felt a bit self-serving to share it.  The audio is from the second time I had preached at the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference at Main Street Baptist Church in Lexington, KY., back in 2006.

The author of the sound file (not me) did a bit of editing and sound FX to my voice, added some music, and this is the end result.

But, the message is true.  The gospel of grace is proclaimed.  And, I figured it was time to share it.

The Grace Doctrines at ETT 2018

I had the distinct pleasure of teaching the doctrines of grace at the Embracing the Truth Conference this year, along with Roger Skepple.  Sadly, the audio I came home with was …. well, let’s say “lacking.”  For reasons that defy explanation, the audio jumped from various mics.  Some near, some far.  So, I applied what digital processing I could.  I squeezed, EQ’d, and compressed the audio, trying to make it more listenable.  In the end, the true die-hards who really want to know what we said will take the time to listen.  But, it takes a bit more work than I normally require from our listeners.  There are good spots and there are tougher spots, but you can indeed understand our presentations if you try.  So, give it a listen and see how it goes.

Let me also mention that Roger’s books, including his writing on the Doctrines of Grace are available on Amazon.  (click)

And my book can be found on our site as a pdf or as an Amazon Kindle download. 

The History and Total Depravity – Jim McClarty

Unconditional Election – Roger Skepple

Limited Atonement – Jim McClarty

Irresistible Grace – Roger Skepple

Perseverance of the Saints – Jim McClarty

The Wrap-Up and Implications of the Doctrines – Roger Skepple