3 thoughts on “A Quick Story About Freewill and Election

  1. Mike Anderson

    I saw this video put out by Jon Harris today Concerning “protestant two kingdom theology”. I have watched it and it seems convoluted form of Augustiniianism and maybe amillennialism blah blah blah type of stuff. I was wondering if you could watch it and help me to make sense of it. You have such a clear way of putting things and it would really help me out. Thank you very much for even considering it.


    1. Jim Mc. Post author

      I found and watched the video that I believe you’re referring to. Now I want my time back. 🙂

      They managed to convolute a pretty basic concept. As Christians, we live in the physical world with its physical leaders and rulers. That’s one kingdom. But, we also recognize God as King and Jesus as our Lord. That’s another kingdom. How we live in that tension between the two rulerships has been the subject of much discussion for many years. But, Jon and his two friends managed to garble it up with overmuch speculation and verbiage.


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