These light afflictions

This past Sunday, Elder Gregg Wren preached at GCA. Sadly, we had a problem with the lavalier microphone that usually is the direct feed for our recordings. However, we did have a room mic in place and it recorded Greg’s message. The recording is ambient, Greg sounds a little distant, and the room noise is sometimes as loud and clear as he is. But, Greg’s message is worth hearing and worth the extra effort to listen to. He talked about why the Apostle Paul could refer to the suffering of this life as merely “light affliction.” It was encouraging, uplifting, and soaked in the gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace. So, after much audio processing to make it as listenable as possible, here is the recording of Elder Wren preaching to the congregation of GCA.

Also, for those of you who would like to hear about (and from) Elder Wren, he is the pastor of Saint’s Chapel in Mesquite, TX. You’ll find their website here:

The Saint’s Chapel

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