Some Online Photo Albums

I have been experimenting with ways to share some of my photography online. I do post to an online photography community site, and a Facebook photography page, but I recently started experimenting with Adobe Spark, a new offering that allows users to create their photo albums, videos, and various shareable pages.  Here are links to my first two efforts:

Cannonsburgh Village:

Cincinnati Zoo:

Frist Museum Cars:

Sam Davis Home:


8 thoughts on “Some Online Photo Albums

  1. William Teal

    Pastor, these photos of the village are superb! I can see a whole line of special greetings cards, or note cards, or enhanced with Christmas or Special focus events. The colors are unique, the designs are great-I like the variety of perspective and points of view showing the emphasis you wanted.
    I like to have a person in most of these kinds of photos that is representative of the period or event.

    Not having a person in some of your shots makes me sad, like that person has died, or is missing for some reason. Some of the designs are really striking. I like to tell a story with my photography, to involve the person viewing the shot, making it personal. Memories, events, people, times of joy and sadness, are all things you have in these photos, with a particular emphasis featured.
    Great photos, Pastor! Good Job showing our world, past and present.

  2. Debbie Fletcher

    Your pictures are very nice! Thanks for sharing them. You & my husband have music & photography in common. The things you choose to photograph are very similar too. He’s a bass player by the way.


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