The Sovereignty Series in Ohio

My daughter and I had a very good trip to Ohio and back.  We spent Saturday with the fine folk of Riverside Bible Church in Columbus.  They treated us like family …. you know, the way Christians do.  🙂

I spoke for more than three hours, reviewing the teaching that I have called “The Sovereignty Series.”  To our regular listeners, most of this will sound familiar.  But, we spoke about God’s sovereignty in suffering, in prayer, and briefly, in salvation.  Here is the audio of that day’s teaching.

Part one —

Part two —

And, part three —

By the end, my voice was getting tired and raspy.  But, I appreciate all the folk who stuck around to the bitter end.

On Sunday afternoon, Meg and I visited the Cincinnati Zoo.  Great zoo, by the way.  Photos are forthcoming.  Then, we drove home that evening.  Long day.  Really long day.  Have I mentioned what along day it was?

But, all in all, a mighty fine weekend.

5 thoughts on “The Sovereignty Series in Ohio

      1. Ken from Canada

        Or they can easily enough be downloaded from here by ‘viewing page source’ doing a search for “mp3” and then right clicking and ‘save as.’

        … cause I couldn’t waste time searching elsewhere.

  1. Chuck Sharp

    Dear Pastor Jim,
    I want to thank you for accepting the invitation to speak at Riverside Bible Church. It was good, once again, to sit under your teaching in person. My wife and I enjoyed your message (as we always do). It was also nice to know that there are indeed churches out there that teach a sovereign God. They seem to be quite rare.
    I don’t suppose I could persuade you and the folks at GCA to move to NE Ohio? Or at least, you could come back up this way a little later in the year so you can see what autumn really looks like in Ohio.

    Thanks again,
    Chuck Sharp

    1. Jim Mc. Post author

      Thanks very much, Chuck. Thank you for making the trip to come say hello. Ironically, in my distant youth, I lived in North Ridgeville, outside Cleveland. Had I remained, GCA might well have been located in NE Ohio. 🙂


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