2 thoughts on “They’re Not All Israel Who Are Of Israel

  1. Dr. James R. Burdette

    Pastor Jim, I wanted to thank you for your faithful teaching of the word of God. I was recommended to your web site in Nov. 2017 by a Pastor friend. I retired 3 years ago after 41 years in the pastorate because of health reasons. I pastored SBC churches during that time, though I am reform in my theology, I am Pre-mill but most of my reform friends are A-mill. I was almost always the odd man out, but your faithful exegesis of Scripture has encouraged me as I have listened at this time to more than 75 messages and have been greatly encouraged me. Thank You and God bless and Keep you and your family

    1. Jim Mc. Post author

      Thanks very kindly, Dr. Burdette. After 41 years in the ministry, I am certain you know how much I appreciate your words of encouragement. Thank the pastor friend who sent you our way.

      Grace and peace, brother.


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