SGBC 2017 video

This video took a bit of doing.  It was originally posted to Facebook Live.  I have been hoping the higher quality video would be sent to me, but nothing so far.  So, I used a website to grab the video from Facebook, which let me download it as an mp4 video file.  Then I imported that file into Final Cut Pro X so that I could balance the color and luminance, as well as boost the audio and add opening and closing graphics.  I like living in the digital age.  🙂

Anyway, the content of this video is from the 2017 meeting of the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference in Chattanooga, TN.  It took place back in July.

The audio is a bit “roomy” because the video was shot on a stationary phone.  But, once your ear adapts to it, it’s quite listenable.

I always appreciate the invitations to attend these conferences.  I enjoy getting to hear other men (I hear enough of me) preach the gospel of God’s Sovereign Grace.  And thanks to Elder Greg Spotts for once again allowing me to stand behind his pulpit.

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