Two New Lessons on Prayer

Owing to various health struggles, I was unable to join the Texas chapter of the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference last week. I hear they had a splendid time. I did, at Elder Wren’s request, record two audio lessons on the subject of prayer.

The following links will connect you with those lessons. The titles of the two lessons are:

“Praying to a Sovereign God”

“The Lord’s Prayer”

2 thoughts on “Two New Lessons on Prayer

  1. Michael Flanegan

    Thanks for the links.

    Sorry to hear about your health issues. Is there somewhere that keeps us updated on things like this that we could be praying about? (Or, at least, not pestering you with emails asking why there was no message on such and such a date). Even if i’m completely caught up with my playlist and listening almost as soon as they are posted, this info is rarely shared on the recordings.

    Came to the site to download the last three weeks of messages, but see you haven’t been in the pulpit for a while. Hoping it’s just a well-deserved vacation, but will keep you in prayers, regardless.

    Get better!

    1. Jim Mc. Post author

      Thanks for your words and your concern. Actually, we do have a weekly prayer list that goes out to the local congregation on the latest prayer requests and health updates within the congregation. But, that’s not anything we’ve promoted to our larger internet listening crowd. But you are, of course, always welcome to email me. I may not always be prompt, but I do get to them all eventually. The reason that details about my general health and well being are not listed along with the online messages is because it’s really not all about me. And I don’t want it to become about me. Nevertheless, I have been felled by a very strange bacterial overgrowth ever since June 4, 2021. But, after much trial and error, I seem to be emerging from it. So, no vacation. Just necessary time off. Thanks again for asking.


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