Jesus as Judge

Here are the audio files and notes from this year’s Embracing the Truth Conference lecture series on the topic: Jesus as Judge.

Just a note about the audio: We were using a wireless microphone, which is normally not a problem.  But this year, for some reason, we got intermittent RF interference that made its way into the recordings.  I can sometimes remove unwanted noise from digital recordings, but this RF noise was in the same frequency spectrum as my voice, so removing it rather severely altered the voice quality.  So, I tried to bring it down a bit, but you’ll definitely hear it when it pops up. The noise comes and goes but I don’t think it hampers the audibility too terribly.

Jesus as Judge Part 1
Jesus as Judge Part 2
Jesus as Judge Part 3

Jesus as Judge – notes

3 thoughts on “Jesus as Judge

  1. Michael Grijak

    Fantastic Jim! I’ve always held to the FOURFOLD OFFICE of our LORD Jesus Christ: Prophet, High Priest, King and Judge! While I have heard many good sermons espousing the first three, I have always felt that the fourth was often overlooked. Thanks for just confirming what I have been taught by my Pastor and what I have always believed to be true!


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