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Peter Panorama

I’ll Never Grow Up

It must be age … or time … or mileage.  But these days I find myself entertaining memories of days gone by and looking back over the events of my youth.

It was 1966. I was in sixth grade at Walnut Bend Elementary School in Houston, TX. Mention was made that the Houston Music Theater in Sharpstown was going to hold open auditions for “lost boys” for their upcoming production of Peter Pan.  That night I told my parents that I wanted to audition.  I remember my mom saying that I’d have to sing.  No problem, I replied.  To which my dad inquired, rather incredulously, “Do you sing?”

But my folks were always encouraging and mom dutifully drove me to the audition.  It was a tad daunting, but when my turn came, I took center stage and sang “My Favorite Things.” Now, the truth is that the only real reason I got cast was that I vaguely resembled another boy who sang beautifully and the casting director was desperate to find “twins” to fit the script.  So, next thing I knew, I was a kid actor.

You can click through the thumbnail photos to see them in full resolution.  The live stage photos were taken during dress rehearsal.  Then there’s a two-page program given to everyone who attended.  And then scans of the for-purchase program.  The pages have yellowed with age. But, I really enjoyed flipping through it, not only because of the photos and memories, but it’s entertaining to see the advertisements, graphics, and fashions from 1966.

Oh — you’ll notice that some of the autographs and notes refer to me as Wally Cox.  John Myhers was friends with Wally and he began referring to me by that nickname because of my glasses. Pretty soon, that was my name among the cast and crew.

So, click away.  As for me, I gotta’ crow.  And I absolutely refuse to grow up.